Jarvis Jones

Senior Strategic Business Development Officer

Jarvis Jones HeadshotJarvis Jones is a senior business leader with significant business-side experience in P&L operations, strategic planning, new products development, new business development, the creation and management of a multi-distribution sales channel and also the creation and management of three start-up business operations for a Fortune 200 Company.

Over the course of Jones’ career, he has shown himself as a creative and dynamic “get-the-job-done” type of leader while working at two Fortune 200 companies in the highly regulated industries of insurance and healthcare. Jones is a proven leader that is adept at conceptualizing, starting, managing, and completing complex organizational initiatives ahead of schedule and under budget.

In the course of Jones’ career, he has held a number of senior business management positions including Assistant Vice-President of Business Development, Assistant Vice-President of New Products, and Vice-President of Strategic Business Development. In these positions, he has significant employee management experience and has managed numerous organizational, matrixed cross-functional teams. Jones’ management experience includes developing and managing new start-up business development and new product development operations.

As a Vice-President of Strategic Business Development, Jones was responsible for creating a start-up P&L small commercial multi-distribution business unit. He strategically planned, created, and managed four multi-distribution sales channels for a Small Commercial Division including: i) an online b2b e-commerce sales channel; ii) a newly created customer service/sales center channel; iii) newly formed b2b strategic alliances channel; and, iv) an alternative, smaller-agency partner channel for online b2b sales (See, Business Model Chart).

In developing the new P&L start-up business, Jones was charged by executive management with identifying and creating functional working-groups throughout the organization that were responsible for developing, within a twelve-month period, a new multi-distribution P&L business unit to market and sell small commercial insurance products. Jones put in place 18 cross-functional working-groups that the organization referred to as the S.W.A.T. Team (because of the very short period of time that the SWAT Team had to build-out and fully operationalize the new business unit).

As the SWAT Team Leader, Jones directly managed and worked with each of the 18 matrixed working-groups’ “Team Leader”. Each working-group’s team leader was an officer at the company and had direct responsibilities over one of the company’s departmental functions, such as Products & Underwriting, Business Process Redesign, Technology, Human Resources, Agency Distribution, Financial/Actuarial, Legal Services, Training, Regulatory Filings. (See, Working-Groups Chart). Jones was also responsible, as team leader, for identifying the scope, role, and the functional responsibilities of each Working Group as their roles related to building the new small commercial business unit in less than a year (See, Working Groups’ Responsibilities).

Upon completion of building the new business unit (i.e., under budget and on-time), executive management charged Jones with P&L operations and management of the newly created multi-distribution small commercial business unit.

As an Assistant Vice-President in the Medical Services Division, Jones was first responsible for creating, developing and managing a newly established business development unit (“MS-II”) and subsequently was responsible for creating and managing a new products development unit (“MS-NPU”). Jones particularly enjoys the creative ideation stage, strategic planning, and business modeling stages required at the beginning of the new business and new product development cycle since they generally require creating “something from nothing”.  

Prior to moving over to the business management side, Jones worked on the company’s staff side as Senior Government Affairs Counsel (a regulatory lobbyist position). As regulatory affairs counsel, he advised senior business clients in a highly regulated industry on individual states’ legal and regulatory compliance requirements and issues. His primary duties required him to identify and resolve complex rates, rules, and regulatory compliance and state audit issues that adversely prevented or limited his business clients’ ability to achieve their financial objectives in a particular state. In only a one-year period, Jones successfully obtained excellent bottom-line regulatory compliance results that significantly strengthened his clients’ ability to obtain much needed rate increases and to write new state business.

After obtaining measureable, bottom-line financial results for his business clients, Jones was promoted and moved over to the company’s P&L business side. Jones brings — to already established and newly created businesses alike — his unique P&L start-up and operational management experience, strategic planning, new products & business development skills, and cross-functional team management experience, which are complemented by Jones’ strong corporate legal, regulatory compliance, and defense litigation background.

Jones’ P&L Operations and Business Development experience includes:

Strategic Planning and Business Modeling


P&L and Production Responsibilities


Management of New Products Development & State Market Launches


Creation and Management of Multi-Distribution Sales Channels


Creation and successful Management of numerous organizational, Cross-Functional matrixed teams


Strong C-Level presentation, analytical, and writing Skills


Start-up Operational Management Experience


Management of New Business Development & State Market Launches


Management of existing and newly formed b2b Strategic Alliances


Operationalizing and managing one of the Company’s subsidiary companies for purposes of bringing alternative new business products to existing state markets


Served as “Advisor” to Senior and Executive Management on Start-ups and E-business Investment opportunities

Professional Accomplishments

As a community leader, Jones has received numerous leadership awards including the “President’s Award” from the Minnesota State Bar Association; “40 Under 40 Business and Community Leadership Award” from City Business; and was recognized by William Mitchell Law School with the “100 Who Made a Difference” Award. Jones has also served on the Boards for both William Mitchell Law School and Twin-Cities Public Television.

Professional Memberships

Jones is also a recognized professional leader in the legal community. He has served as President of Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA); President of Hennepin County Bar Association; President of the Minnesota Minority Lawyers Association; Co-Chaired the Minnesota Minority Corporate Counsel Program; and Co-Chaired the MSBA State-wide Diversity Committee.


Jarvis Jones is a graduate of St. Olaf and earned his J.D. from William Mitchell Law School.